Expert Tips for the Perfect Home Coffee Corner

Many of us like to start our days with a freshly brewed cup of coffee and with all of the at-home brewing tools available these days there is no wrong way to go about it. However, not having a dedicated space to brew and keep your equipment can be a big mistake in terms of your home cleanliness. And while nothing can fully replicate the feeling of stepping into your favorite coffeehouse we’ve reached out to the coffee experts from Sacramento to Miami to help you create the most authentic experience possible with the ultimate home coffee corner.


Take advantage of unused space

We recommend you use an area of your home that isn’t currently utilized, adding value to your home. Functionally, water supply is a key element to consider. Create a unique space that fits exactly your requirements and needs, but is also cozy and stylish. Lastly, try to keep up with current trends and make your design available on social media since projects like that can be inspiring for a lot of people. - Aura Espresso Room


Diversify your coffee makers

There are a lot more ways to make coffee than just your standard coffee pot. If you don’t want to brew a whole pot every time, make room on your coffee corner for a single-serve Keurig. Or, if you want more to broaden your horizons past drip coffee, grab a Nespresso for espresso shots (bonus tip: pair it with a milk frother for making lattes). Looking for a caffeine punch to start your day, try Elevate Coffee’s Rude Awakening High Caffeine K-Cups. - Elevate Coffee


Have a varied mug collection

There is something endearing about a tastefully eclectic collection of mugs in even the sleekest of kitchens, and guests love the personal touch. Search for diner, vintage floral, hand-spun clay, State mugs, or choose another theme, and ditch matching mug set altogether (so 2001)! To avoid clutter, just be sure you’re curating the best, not collecting the most. - Runabout Coffee


Quality coffee is a must

Fresh roasted, top-quality beans are best for an unmatched aroma and an immersive coffee-making experience. And for those beans, a solid burr grinder is critical for consistency, no matter the brew method of your choice. - Roastel

For us as coffee lovers, a coffee corner at home is essential. Whether you actually have additional space or very little space, there’s always a way to re-create some of the magic of your favorite coffee house. But let's just say you can’t buy additional furniture or trendy farmhouse cabinets to create some coffee corners. Easy fix, to us it actually starts with the right selection of high-quality beans that remind us of artisan coffee houses where you can get amazing coffee.

So, replace your off-the-shelf standard coffee beans with high-quality artisan roasters. Yes, they might be a little pricier but trust us when we say it's all worth it. We just recently tested one of the highest quality artisan coffee brands out there and that cup of coffee from your artisan roaster will make any place in your house feel like your little coffee corner. - Coffeescanner


Incorporate a cart

Use a cart to set the stage for your coffee corner.  Visually it grounds the space as being designated for coffee while showing off those great cups and machines you have. Bonus: shelves below hide clutter while keeping must-have items close at hand.  If the shelves are open, baskets do the job and add charm at the same time. - Texas Coffee Club



A quality grinder is key

The perfect coffee corner is what every coffee connoisseur dreams of creating one day. Some dream of an expansive home espresso machine set up, while others strive to craft the perfect pour-over. Whether you choose espresso or brew, Round Mountain Coffee believes that buying a quality grinder should be your first priority when it comes to crafting the perfect coffee corner. A grinder is the key to dialing in the perfect coffee corner in any home. - Round Mountain Coffee

The number one thing I would recommend to people brewing at home is to invest in a decent burr grinder.  It doesn't take up much space and it's not that expensive.  You can either find one at your local coffee shop or online.  This also means you'll have to start buying whole bean coffee instead of pre-ground! - Solid Coffee Roasters


Keep it simple

Creating the perfect coffee corner in your home begins and ends with a clear space that your guests will know how to navigate without much direction from you. In order for everyone to feel like their own barista, organize and label your coffee “blendz” so others will know what to anticipate in their brew. - Hustle Blendz

A nice balance between comfortable and productive for us would be a rustic stained wood table with an accent piece chair combination. Be sure to include a cushion on the chair for comfort, and get a table big enough for sufficient lighting. Bright pictures and prints make for a nice splash of color and set a great mood! - Elegant Coffee


Choose the right equipment

To create a wonderful, versatile home coffee corner, I suggest stocking it with your favorite equipment plus all the extras you need to create a barista-worthy cup. For me, the barista basics are a home burr grinder, a pour-over machine (drip or manual; if manual, I also recommend getting an electric gooseneck kettle),ceramic or non-transparent, air-tight containers to store the coffee, small baskets to hold coffee filters and latte art stencils, a frother, coffee flavoring syrups, and topping shakers (e.g., cinnamon, coco, and vanilla). I also suggest planning for the inevitable spills and splashes that come with coffee brewing by installing a waterproof backsplash, a dark countertop, and a little 'cleaning drawer or basket' that holds a table brush, which is great for sweeping up coffee grounds, and dark wipes to quickly clean up spills. - Queen Bean Coffee Company

We have a relationship with La Marzocco and recommend throwing one of their Linea Mini's in there to make that coffee corner a working espresso bar, which will bring the cafe experience into your home, without necessarily having the know-how. We also offer online barista classes that will help you hone in your skills and put them to good use. Or maybe you want to do a pour-over set, which in that case, we'd recommend getting some high-quality, sustainable Torch coffee so that you can taste the intention behind each farmer we work with. Whether it's our smooth Guatemalan Geisha from Nilton Perez who comes from a century-old line of coffee farmers or perhaps our naturally-processed, fruity forward Ethiopian coffees. These are just a few of the choices you have between all of the farmers we have direct relationships with. - Torch Coffee Roasters


Declutter your space with wireless brewing tools

Your deep connection to coffee is what led you here in the first place, so when considering how to design and outfit this sacred space, look to honor that connection by not cluttering it up with cables and wires! Many manual brewing tools, and especially manual espresso makers like our Flair, come without cords and are by all rights functional art, and therefore uniquely suited to that end. Additionally, displaying your coffee paraphernalia not in rotation on a live edge floating shelf placed above the bar makes for an amazing way to further showcase your cherished brewers and ceramics while maintaining that clean aesthetic you were dreaming of. That being said, if there are electric appliances calling out to you, consider an appliance garage to achieve a similar clean aesthetic when they are not in use! - Flair Espresso


For a speedy and compact home setup

You can make great quality espressos and americanos with an Aeropress Go! You'll need a way to boil your water, but you'll be drinking your coffee in less than a minute. - Little Dog Coffee

Written by Phong Hoang

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